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047  Arum italicum Miller


Nome comune: Gigaro chiaro; Giaro; erba biscia; pan di serpe

Arum italicum is a member the plant family Araceae. It also known as Cuckoo Pint and Italian Lords-and-Ladies. It is one of two species of Arum native to Britain, the other being Arum maculatum (also known as Cuckoo Pint, or just simply Lords-and-Ladies). In 1778, Lamarck noticed the inflorescence of this plant to produce heat.[1] Arum italicum is known to be invasive in warmer climates, the seed being distributed by small mammals and birds. The corms, once established, are difficult to discourage. In mild climates a common use of Arum italicum is underplanting hosta. When foliage of hosta dies down in fall, the foliage of Arum replaces it, warning the gardener away from digging up the then hard-to-see crowns of hosta. In summer, the Arum foliage disappears and is replaced by stalks of orange seeds that appear to be coming from the hosta, adding an extra color dimension to the otherwise green ground-cover.