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069  Euphorbia helioscopia L.


Nome comune: Euforbia calenzuola; Erba verdogna

Euphorbia helioscopia (Sun Spurge) is a species of spurge native to most of Europe, northern Africa, and eastward through most of Asia.[1][2][3] It is an annual plant growing in arable land and disturbed ground. It grows to 1050 cm tall, with a single, erect, hairless stem, branching toward the top. The leaves are oval, broadest near the tip, 1.5-3 cm long, with a finely toothed margin. The flowers are small, yellow-green, with two to five basal bracts similar to the leaves but yellower; flowering lasts from mid spring to late summer.[3][4] It is highly poisonous. Active ingredients are extracted from it for use in pharmaceutical industry. Other old folk names include wart spurge, umbrella milkweed and "madwoman's milk".[4]