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111  Hedypnois cretica (L.) Willd.


Nome comune: Radicchio pallottolino

Hedypnois cretica is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family known as Crete weed and Cretanweed. It is native to the Mediterranean Basin, but it can be found on other continents where it is an introduced species and in many areas a noxious weed. It is a common weed of the southwestern United States from California to Texas and into northern Mexico. This is a bristly annual herb reaching maximum heights approaching 40 centimeters and somewhat like a dandelion in appearance. It starts from a wide basal rosette of green to purplish leaves, the longest near 18 centimeters. It then bolts an erect or drooping stem bearing single flower heads or inflorescences of several heads. The head has rows of phyllaries that may be very bristly, and the head is egg-shaped when still closed. On blooming the head bursts with concentric rows of yellow ligules with toothed ends.